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Top 12 best trade show giveaways

trade show

Top 12 best trade show giveaways, 2020 edition

Inspired promotional item strategy

Your promotional item strategy is about to get an upgrade. We have compiled a list of top 12 trade show giveaways here in 2019-2020. Not surprisingly, several eco-friendly items made the list.

How this list was configured

  • Our marketing team scoured the web, researching trade show giveaway ideas.
  • The list has dwindled to 12 items that satisfied the criteria mentioned below.
  • The list was then distributed to the office crew so every are could rank their top 12 items.
  • The top 12 list you see below reflects the collaborative process-we had a blast putting this together for you!
  • We also use another companies website’s blog to show the top 12 list for you!

Criteria: what makes a good promotional item?

The answer might get a bit subjective, but some feature need to present. The best trade shows giveaway is the one that hits the sweet spot between all these features:

  1. Budget-friendly

You can easily spend overspend on giveaways. While generosity is a virtue, you might consider a revers-engineered approach. Set a comfortable budget, and then divide that number by how many items you need. Looked at the different way, you made decide to offer certain higher-priced items for established customers and lower priced items for general prospects.

2.Limited size and weight

Potentially the most non-negotiable feature, a good giveaway needs to fit in the average suitcase or carry-on bag easily, and be kind to lightweight traveling.

3.Has longevity

It is unlikely that your giveaways will lead to sales at the show. However, if a giveaway has longevity, it will be highly utilized, and the recipient comes across your logo countless times. If they become ready to purchase, you should be at the forefront.

4.Has relevancy

A giveaway should be relevant to your brand product, or service as well as relevant to the items. This is not to say that you must be at the mercy of friends. But if something is popular, it will likely be considered appealing to many attendees.

The top 12 list

Each of the items in this list comes in various formats, and even materials. For example, there are many different types of reusable straws-silicone, stainless steel, ones that come in a bag, ones that come in a plastic tube. We recommended shopping around to determine which style is best for your trade show giveaway strategy.

# 1. Portable chargers

Also know as power banks. This is a promotional item that will be highly utilized-both at the show and long after the show. Trade show attendee likely travel a lot and use a wide variety of devices when power is running low, a portable charger with your logo on it will consistently be lifesaver.

Link for inspiration:

# 2. Water bottles

Lots of option here: stainless steel, isolated, double-walled, copper lining, etc. you can also experiment with fun, eye-catching color to go along side your logo, a custom water bottle is durable and has the potential to be used for years. Bonus: they cut back on plastic bottle consumption!

Link for inspiration:

# 3. Stress ball

A stress ball or hand exercise ball is a malleable toy, usually not more than 7 cm in diameter, which is squeezed in the hand and manipulated by the fingers, ostensibly to relive stress and muscle tension or to exercise the muscles of the hand. Try to use the eye-catching colors of them to go along side your logo on it.

Link for inspiration

# 4. Cool cubes

Eliminate watered-down drinks with food-grade stainless steel ice cubes, inside is a non-toxic gel to keep the cubes cold, and they can be reused over and over again. Your logo can be laser engraved on the cubes or customize the outer packaging with your logo and brand messaging. Cool cubes make an excellent giveaway for top their customers or executives.

Link for inspiration:

# 5. Socks

One of the most practical gifts you can give anyone-socks! Take it to the next level with bright colors and custom messaging to make a fun gift that the recipient can get a lot of use from. We heard of an exhibitor winning an award for best promotional product with their custom socks giveaway!

# 6. Pop sockets

How many times a day does the average person use their phone? Countless times! Think of your logo being on a pop socket and how many times your brand will resonate with the recipient.

They are trendy, yes, but for a good reason. Besides the gripping feature, be sure to mention that it allows phones to be stood up for video chatting-a common task of the trade show professional.

# 7. Flash drives

Having a flash drivers handy is incredibly useful with all the data we need to store and files we need to transport. Flash drives can hold documents, music, movies, or books. Slap your logo on the outside, and potentially your brand will be seen daily.

# 8. Reusable straws

With plastic straws becoming a controversial item, reusable straw is becoming a popular eco-friendly option. Choose from a wide variety of materials like bamboo, silicone, or stainless steel as well as different packaging options. Your brand thought about with each sip.  

# 9. Mints

Cool! (Pun intended). Mints might seem like a silly gift, but when you think about it, they do satisfy all the criteria for an excellent giveaway. There are many ways to customize this gift.

The outer tin can be custom designed and consider the sizing and embossing of the actual mints inside. Just think, with all the fresh breath you are promoting, you are facilitating more conversations at the show! And when the mints finally run out, the tin can be repurposed.

# 10. Shot glasses

Like many other items on this list, the shot glass giveaway with many customization options, shot glasses come in ceramic, glass, stainless steel and acrylic materials and various sizing and shape options.

All with your logo front and center and in the minds of recipient-associating your brand with fun and thinking back to your successful interaction at the trade show.

# 11. Smart wallet

Smart wallet sticks to the back of cell phones and make an instantly valuable giveaway. Your logo will be seen each time the recipient reaches in to use a card.

Look for smart wallets with RFID cards that protect from unauthorized scans or unwanted readers. Pro tip: put one of your business card inside before you hand them out!

# 13. Lip balm

Whether it’s the scorching summer sun, dry winter months, or just a lot talking, lip balm can be super handy. This item is very budget-friendly, and since it has a long shelf life, your brand will visible for longer. Opt for a unique presentation with the pictured silicone holder rather than the classic tube shape.

Wishing you happy giveaways

We hope this list inspires your promotional item giveaway strategy! There are several eco-friendly promotional products on this list, but there are many more options out there. Search eco-friendly on your vendor’s website for more options if that is important to your brand.  

If you attended to exhibition in Oman(Muscat) in OCEC or exhibition in Qatar(Doha) in DECC please visit and check our portfolio page with our past exhibition stand design and building work in order to receive shortly a detailed proposal (stand design and quote) please send your inquiry or brief via email to:


we will respond within 12 hours!

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